Monday, August 2, 2010

11:41 and my own running ambrosia

I should feel like a loser posting here that I didn't do my 8 miles on Saturday like I said I would.  I could wallow in self-loathing behavior but I didn't.  Today is a new day and I'm jumping right back in.  I was scheduled to run 4 miles today but my slacker behavior set in a little and time crunched as I was/am, I was seriously considering just forgetting today's run and running tomorrow.  I didn't though! This is the part that I wish my theme music for the day was playing while you read this post..."Gumption" from the movie The Holiday.  Love that little tune!
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Moving along.....I did my two miles and ran a comfortable pace.  Low and behold my two miles looked like this:
Mile 1 - 11:16
Mile 2 - 12:06
Avg Pace - 11:41
Calories - 341

I was so worried that I lost all that I had gained due to my lack of consistency in the running deptartment.  I come back even stronger!  That and for motivation I wore my Seattle RNR shirt.  That really makes me feel too cool for school!  I am so jazzed!!!  Add that to a 0.9 loss this week and you've got a pretty happy little lady. 

I don't know if this is a shameless plug for Cytomax or not but today instead of Nuun I had poured in a Cytomax packet I had stashed in swag bag from Seattle RNR.  Hello!?!  Delish.  Could've been due to the fact that it made me feel like a runner becasue that's what they had for refreshments along the course in Seattle or maybe because it was pretty darn hot and I felt super parched by the end of the run.  Either which way, I love it's lemony flavor and I just might have to look into purchasing some more.  DELISH! I tell ya!!

So now it's time for some stretching and then off to my last 12 hour night shift for the week.  Tomorrow is a 7 miler and maybe a spin class.