Sunday, July 15, 2012

Hills, Hills and the Seattle Half

This is almost another year late...wait, just 8 months late but none the less here is my day at the Seattle Half Marathon.

Not sure about this dorky face but all I know is, I'm almost done!

I feel this pic shows how cold and wet is was that day

My sister's family is the BEST race crew around.  She stood out in the frozen rain to cheer me on and she was 8.5 months pregnant.  What a rock star!!!

I can look back at this day and say I put in a college try.  My training was sketchy at best.  The weather in Juneau was horrible to train in and I think I had lost that lovin' feelin' for running at that time.  This race was far from a PR. I had added 8 minutes to my best time from the Seattle Rock N Roll Half.  That being said, I feel like I walked a whole bunch more in this race.  So for all the walking I did, 8 minutes is not bad.  I have mixed feeling about this race and vowed to NEVER run it again.  The course was unbelievably hilly and it was so cold and wet.  The last mile was a hill for cryin' out loud!  But I did it. Half Mary number three on the books at 2:46:03

ONE whole hour?!?

Those were the first words to come out of my mouth when I called my mom and asked her my finish time.  I kid you not, I shaved a whole hour off my half marathon time, completing it in 2:38!  If I could have bottled that moment in time just to feel that feeling again, I would be in crazy business.

I realize I am a year late with this and have no idea why I didn't post this sooner.  I  look back at this day and even the summer and I am proud. I was a rockstar! Without further ado, this is my mini recap of my 2011 Seattle Rock N Roll Half Marathon.

Here's my few days in a nutshell....

My race support crew

I love him!

My beautiful sister and I before the race



If I could bottle this feeling....