Saturday, April 30, 2011

Welcome Back Kotter

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No, I haven't gone back to my old high school (Go Wolverines!) to teach a bunch of rag tag students called the Sweathogs......
I'm back on the blogosphere baby!

Me, rockin' the Mr. Kotter 'do

So, what's been up with me since we last met? Here's the bullet form!
  • Since I've last posted, I've taken my avg pace from 12-13 min miles to 10-11 min miles!  Feeling quite rock star lately.
  • I have down graded to the half marthon for Seattle Rock N Roll this year.  I wasn't respecting the distance and realize that I'm still not ready for the 'ol 26.2  I am ready however to spank my finishing time from last year.  PR here I come!
  • I've done some winter running and I have to say it made me feel like a bad@** mother runner.  I was super slow but decked out in my yaktracks, my headlamp and layers of running duds, I was feeling pretty cool.
  • I've done some running with pals.  This is a big thing because I always feel like a slow heiffer when I run with anyone. Not so much this time....well except for once.  Not a pretty story.
  • I am debating signing up for the Rock N Roll Portland Half for next year.  Sign up 5/1/2011 at pay $55.  Tempting...
  • I have a fab play list that I think is contributing to my lightness of foot?!?
  • I actually downloaded the song Smooth after watching this clip from Mom vs. Marathon I too just want to shout "Thank you Rob Thomas!" while I'm running this years half in Seattle ;o)
  • Fave Quote right now "We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us" - Josheph Campbell
Looking at the calendar, I've noticed 8 weeks until Seattle Rock N Roll 1/2 Marathon.  It's time to kick things into gear.  I've got 5 miles on the books today.  It's rainy and a little cold but I gotsta get my miles in. 

And I no longer rock the Mr. Kotter 'do