Saturday, July 31, 2010

Success is hanging on when you want to let go

So true

I found this pic over at Fit This, Girl! In her post she remind us that "EVERYONE is busy and it's not an excuse." I have been queen of the slackers lately. My plethora of excuses for  slacking include but are not limited to: brother visiting, the ladies birthdays this month (CAKEand ICE CREAM!!!), my dad visiting (a whole bunch of emotional baggage unearthed with that visit), time of the month, and my virgo tendencies (if it's not done perfect I might as well give up).

But that's just what all these are....EXCUSES!!!!  I need to get off my but and get out there. No if's, and's or but's.  The alternative is to continue my wicked ways of no working out and eating craptastically.  NO WAY!  I'm already feeling the ill effects of my over-indulgence.  Today T and I took our "before" progress pics and did our measurments.  I haven't weighed in a while....up 6 pounds since the half marathon.   It's time to check back into reality and lay out my plan.  I have a rough idea of how things are going to look around here at Awaken the Strength until 10/10/10 and will post my plan tomorrow. 

Until then, here's my "in-your-face" (pardon the pun!) reminder of  how far I've come and what 50 pounds looks like.

Current...dorky scrub top,sorry!

So, to end this post on a super positive note....33 readers?!?  I feel pretty honored that you all stop by and check out that latest and greatest developments over here at Awaken the Strength.  I hope to keep you all enthralled as I tackle Portland.  Tomorrow is an 8 mile and I've got a pretty good route planned!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Races and Late Night Running

Had a great run with my sissy tonight.  Being that I live in Alaska where it does stay a little bit lighter during the summer, T and I took off around 10p for a nice 3 miler.  Legs felt great, in fact it was me feeling out of breath for some weird reason and side stiches that slowed me down.  I've beent trying to pay attention to my upper body.  I notice I have a tendency to really tense up.  After my last long run I was pretty sore on my shoulders.  Does this happen to others?  I think I'll have to research this one...

On that note, I'll add some pics from my half ;o)

I'm smiling because I am signing up for next years full rock n roll marathon and I haven't even ran the race for this year yet.  Crazy I tell ya!!
Picking up my swag
I tried super hard not to geek out in front of The Running Twins.  LOVE THEM!!
My Chip
My absolutely awesome brother-in-law who woke at the butt-crack of dawn to get me and sissy to the race. Thank you!!!
Me and my Sissy waiting for the honeybucket
Doesn't everyone run with their own personal paparazzi?!? Thanks T!
I am showing my girls a healthy mommy, a running mommy!
Hello My Precious!

I am still debating on whether to fork over the cash for the marathon pics but HOLY EXPENSIVE BATMAN!!  I kinda do want one of me crossing the finish line.  Undecided still....

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Now you see me...

                                                               Marathon Mania!

I've been MIA for so long, I don't even know where to start or what I want this post to be!  I haven't stopped running, no sir!  I'm still at it.  I was in a wierd mental place 3 weeks prior to Seattle RNR.  I knew my training had turned into a big pile of poop and I was mentally no where near being able to run a full.  It took a lot for me to call my sissy and tell her I was dropping to the half.  She too agreed and then and there we decided to make Portland our full.  A weight had been lifted from my shoulders when I begged her asked her if we could drop to the half.  I figured, I needed to get my feet wet and see what this racing stuff was all about in a non-intimidating manner.  I did and let me tell you, I turned into Mr. Toad when he saw his first motor car. All my anxieties left me as soon as we crossed the start line.  All those negative thoughts left me.  And believe me, those negative thoughts were plenty!
  • You haven't trained properly! You hardly ran the last two weeks.
  • You're too slow, you'll be the last
  • You're a fraud, you're not a real runner and all of these elite athletes will be able to tell you don't belong here
  • OMG you look chubby today
Well, like I said, it all left me. I started smiling, I crossed that line and I felt like I was a runner.  There were people there who where running at my pace!  There were people of all shapes, sizes and ages. I know it's going to sound wierd but the first 7 miles were the easiest I've ever ran in my life (easy does not equal fast! Yup, still slow!)  I just felft giddy to be there with this large group of people running through my favorite city in the world.

So here's some pictures of my race day. 
From my girls

More pics to follow....dinner calls and the ladies are cranky