Sunday, October 17, 2010

Week in Review

I used to love watching that on CNN in 10th grade! 

Although I didn't reach all my goals for the week, I sure did better than last.  Gotta stay positive, right?  I rocked the running portion of my week.  Slacked on Friday but made up for the non run day by getting a quick Saturday run in after the girls dance class.  I have my mom to thank for taking them while I ran.  I am just so jazzed at the progress I've been making in the short amount of time that I've been back at it.

I had planned on doing 3 day of abs but alas 1 was all I did.  MUST. WORK. ON. THAT.

I am pretty proud of my cross training attempt.  Wednesday was a rock ma bootay spin class.  Thursday, I didn't exactly make it to the gym but I managed a Cathe vid, Pyramid Upper Body and then 40 minutes of step.  Friday I missed spin due to choppin' my hair off at the salon.

Speaking of the salon, my pal/semi-ex hair stylist (he's too hard to get into these days!) was telling me about a beginners triathlon class.  I was about to jump up and down until he told me the days it will be on....Sunday eves.  Booo!  I have to work Sunday nights.  Oh well. 

Well, off to bed.  Night shift calls.  Have a great Sunday!!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Ironman, I am not

I think I was having visions of grandeur.  I had a little pep in my step yesterday and was getting things crossed off my to do list.  I promised myself last week I would follow through with my cross training and abs.  Tuesday, I barely got my abs in but I did do them.  So Wednesday comes and, like I said I was highly motivated, I decided to go to a one hour spin class at my gym. [love love love spin class] That was from noon to one.  I got home and new I needed to get my run in before the ladies got out of school, otherwise it might not get done due to dinner having to be made, a quick grocery run, dance practice for Miss J and a mandatory vegan baking fest for me.  I almost didn't run because in between all that, I needed to eat!  Green monster down and out I went.

Mistake number two.  I really didn't want to run right after having eaten but I figured I had get out there.  Hello side cramps!!  Let's head back to mistake number one, not allotting my self enough time.  I was down to the wire.  I had only 45 minutes to get a 42 min run in.  That had to include the driving time back to the house.  High five to myself, I got it done and met Miss R right after she had gotten off the bus.  That messed with my focus because I was worried about getting home on time.

Mistake number three, spin class then less than an hour later, run.  For some, this may be nothing but for this lady, legs felt like I was running through sand!  All of my lower body was feeling it.  I was wanting to quit the whole time. Enter the self talk.  I knew a yucky run was inevitable, I had been having way too many good ones.  I kept thinking, I hate running!!! success is hanging on when you want to let go.  I had to analyze what I was doing/did wrong and what I could learn from it.  See mistakes one through three. 
  • Don't eat so close to running
  • Run before spin class or other classes
  • Make enough time for a run so I don't have worries about being somewhere.  I can just focus on the run.
  • Most importanly....Schedule/plan better!
Lessons learned.  This is the life of a running, working, full-time mom. 

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I saw this and just had to share!  teee heee heee

I realized that I hadn't done a check in for my run on Monday.  It was magical.  Momma got her groove back in a major way.  Like I said last week I went with the first week of the 8k training plan.  That one minute walking break is perfect, I feel like I get that break/refreshed feeling I need to keep going.  Very happy with my choice. 

The sad part was, I almost talked myself out of running.  It's the same "good vs. evil" debate that goes on, I think?, in everyone's head when it comes to waking early to work out.  My warm comfy Ikea down comforters were a sirens call to my weary night shift soul.  The only thing that got me going though was, NO RAIN??!!!!  Like I said before, Southeast Alaska is a rainforest.  When I say rainforest, I mean RAINforest.  I had a short window of opportunity to run before work and I took it. 

It. Was. Worth. It.

I've noticed I'm getting my sea-legs back. 

Each run is getting me back to where I was before my hiatus.  My garmin, Forrest and I are in a love/love relationship right now.  I know, I know, the honeymoon will soon end. I'm just happy to be back. As for making the good choice by running on Monday vs Today?  It was a torrential down pour.  Power went out.  It was howling outside! Good times.

I'm going to do some abs before bed and try not to race to the fridge to devour the last two pieces of that pumpkin gingerbread.  Tomorrow is a spin class and my 2nd run for the week.  Night!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Today's run was.....

Excellent!  Although there were some technical difficulites still with the running app, I pre-trouble shooted most of them.  I kept the phone in my front pocket this time for easier access.  And hallelujiah, I have decided on my plan from now until Marathon Day.  It is the 8K program which is 10 weeks and then I will start the 4 day a week Hal Higdon 1/2 marathon training program until it's time to start full marathon training.  Next week, instead of moving on, I'm going to re-do this week with week 1 on the training plan. I really liked the 7 min run/1 min walk combo.  I felt challenged and yet I didn't over-do anything.  My left hip/butt/leg made some noise at the bitter end but I foam rolled and stretched like no ones business!

Truth time...
My eating has SUCKED! Lot's of emotional eating which I'm trying to figure out the stem of it all (I think I know) and let's face it, I LOVE to bake.  I've been on a baking spree lately and I blame OhSheGlows completely!!!  And Mamma Pea too!!  It all started with her Blackberry Cinnamon Rolls and went downhill from there.  Heaven to taste!  And then add some Pumpkin Pie Banana Chunk Oatmeal Cookies and Pumpkin Gingerbread with Spiced Buttercream. Oy to the Vey!!!  Let's not get started with the scone-athon I went on.  The best recipe is here, hands down!So on top of all my baking, which does have very soothing qualites to it, I haven't been doing my cross training or abs.  My spinning/weight class pal took off to NYC (hate her!) and as for the excuse for no abs, I have none (holding head in shame).  That is my focus next week.  Abs!  Back to my sinful baking, I not only did that but I experimented with new food.  I tried tofu for the first time.  I made baked kale chips and ate an obscene amount of veggies.  I loved Caitlyn's combo from Healthy Tipping Point, sweet potatoes with baked beans and brussel sprouts.  Delish!

Have a great weekend!


Thursday, October 7, 2010

emotional silence

Yeah, that silence came from my iPhone app that pooped out on me 1/4 into my run.  I did my warm-up for the 8K program and then started to run.  I was back on my usual trail that I'm begining to know like the back of my hand, rockin' out to my tunes after hearing "the voice" telling me to run.  Things are going great, I feel great and then nothing.  Silence.  This wouldn't be too bad of a problem except my phone was in my spibelt and it was facing the back.  I also had my handy dandy hand holder thingy water bottle in my hand and to top it all off, I had gloves on.  As my nephew would tell me, whaa whaa.  Had to walk to figure things out with the app, pressed play and continued to run.  Couple minutes in, silence. No more "voice" telling me when to walk or run.  Some panic set in.  How am I going to do this run?  Well the all or nothing Brandi decided to wing it and not let myself be upset.  I figured I'd run the 4 miles.

First 1.5 were okay.  Legs felt great, I felt great.  More running, less walking.  Somewhere after that I crumbled.  Piriformis tightened and not too shortly after the good 'ol IT tightened.  Lots of stretch breaks were added.  I ended up seeing these two exceptionally fit runner, on right after the other and  there I was, walking...wearing running clothes.  I could just feel their judgement....I'm kidding, I'm not that neurotic....okay, maybe just a little!  I started to doubt myself.  I don't have a definitive plan yet.  I'm still trying to find out where I fit in!  Dang iPhone app!!  How could you just poop out on me like that!!  So long story short, I went from feeling super awesome to super craptastic in 2 seconds flat.

But you know what?  I love it.  I love that running can do that to me.  I love feeling the complete emotional spectrum.  You have to be "present" in your runs.  You can't hide from yourself. 

On that note, I'm going to try the app again Friday a.m.  I really believe that that 8K training is where I should be at.  It's back to the drawing board for my plan to the marathon! 

I know I'm jumping around here but, I just watched Nova's Marathon Challenge.  It renewed my spririts.
Click here for the link.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Let's kick it up a notch!

Monday's running adventure included a new trail.....

Wish I  had better pics to share but I haven't quite figued out how to run, chew gum, paint my nails and take a picture at the same time.  First time running on it.  Can't say that I was dissapointed.  It's a gravel trail around a lake in a beautiful wooded area.  It was a crisp fall day rain!!!  No rain?!?  Living in a rainforest kinda makes me excited when the rain lets up!  Long story short, it was a great trail.

Now onto my run.  I decided I was holding myself back last week.  I started out on the Couch to 5K program, week one.  I was feeling great and I think it was the best intro to slide back into running.  I'd finish each run feeling like I could've went longer at each running interval.  I don't want to get too wild right out of the gate but I also don't want to "do nothing" either.  I say do nothing lightly because I remember when I thought I was going to die on the treadmill at the gym last November/December and there may be others out there who are just begining their running journey and certainly won't feel like they are "doing nothing".  What I'm saying is, I think I can kick it up a notch.  In fact that's what I did, if not just a bit, on Monday's run.  I jumped forward to week 3 and listened to that for my walk/run.  I ended up seeing some pals on the trail walking the dog and their most handsome baby boy (pic would've been I said above....) I paused the garmin but my iPhone was in my pocket and the music and program were still going.  I missed some walk run ques and figured just start running.  So I ran the three minutes it told me, then still feeling good I did another 3.  Let's just get crazy now, I went for another 2 minutes without stopping.  Then some walk/run on my own with some good tunes and back home to get ready for the night shift.

This ended up being a great run for many reasons
  1. I tried a new trail.
  2. Found out I kinda liked running on a trail....almost as much as pavement....okay, that's pushing it but I did really like it.
  3. I'm at a different starting point than I had previously thought
  4. I pushed myself and had a heckuva good time doing it.
  5. Seeing the respect and happiness in my friends eyes as they see me rocking the run.
All that said...I am going to start the Gateway to 8K tomorrow which will be 5 min warm up alternating 7 min run with 1 min walk x 4 then 5 min cool down.

 I'm feeling pretty jazzed and all this jazziness has led me to ask a collegue of mine for an interview for my blog.  She is a new runner who says I inspired her to run but she is way more inspiring to me especially after my unplanned hiatus.  Stay tuned!

Surgeon General: Healthy & Fit

I am LOVING this message!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Was that all they ever heard from her?????

The ladies, goofing around

Summer Camping - Alaska Style

Summer with my Sis

Summer in Juneau

Gotta catch up on Google Reader, even in paradise!!

So that was my summer in a nutshell.  Went camping with my big bro, hung out with my sissy and her son here in Juneau, and then made a little trip to Hawaii with the fam.  So the burning question is.....was there any running after my half marathon?  I think what bothers me the most is that I was feeling to lowly to show back up to my own blog!  When I did it was to update a race that I had signed up for but didn't come to fruition in the form of training and motivation.....uhhh need I say that I have a position for the Portland Marathon 10/10/10. The fact that I couldn't get my junk together really bummed me and my non running self out. 

I think I even let it psych me out to the point where I just overate and chose inactivity.  Why?!?  When I knew running was the bomb-digity?  Well, no more.  I am back at it, albeit I'm starting at the begining.  I'm restarting C25K from the very begining.  Yeah, I could push myself harder and run a lot longer but, this ain't my first rodeo.  I want to suceed in my marathon goal.  I don't want to make the same mistakes I made the first time.  I'm starting fresh and I have less than 39 weeks until Seattle Rock N Roll Marathon.  I really wanted/want that to be my first marathon.  I really like the RNR races and it's in the city I love.  Plus I signed up early so I only payed $65! 

So, here I am at the begining. Again.

                                                            Don't forget to STRETCH!!!

My little racing buddy.  She came along on my 2nd run for the week and I have to say, made it really fun.  She pushes me and laughs with me.  What a great running buddy!

So here's my plan:
  • Week 1 - 9: Couch to 5K, Abs 3x's per week following this plan and some much needed strength/cross training.  I've been taking classes at my gym like spinning and group power.  Lovin' it and feel that I'm building my running base that  I neglected to build before.  This will include 3 days of running and 3 days of cross training.
  • Weeks 10 - 21: Hal Higdon's beginner 1/2 marathon training.  It's includes 3-4 days of running and 3-4 days of cross training. Abs will still be focused on and taking time to s - t - r - e - t - c - h.
  • Weeks 22 - 39:  The Holy Grail of my Training...Marathon time!  I've decided to follow Hal Higdon's beginner Marathon training program.  Once again, abs and cross-training not to be forgotten this time.
So that's it.  There's my plan of attack.  I'm wiser than I was last year.  I think know I have what it takes to be successful at this.

 I'd like to invite you all along as I travel the long road to becoming a marathoner.  Sit back and relax...grab a cup 'o joe and follow the antics of this one bad mother runner!