Friday, July 16, 2010

Races and Late Night Running

Had a great run with my sissy tonight.  Being that I live in Alaska where it does stay a little bit lighter during the summer, T and I took off around 10p for a nice 3 miler.  Legs felt great, in fact it was me feeling out of breath for some weird reason and side stiches that slowed me down.  I've beent trying to pay attention to my upper body.  I notice I have a tendency to really tense up.  After my last long run I was pretty sore on my shoulders.  Does this happen to others?  I think I'll have to research this one...

On that note, I'll add some pics from my half ;o)

I'm smiling because I am signing up for next years full rock n roll marathon and I haven't even ran the race for this year yet.  Crazy I tell ya!!
Picking up my swag
I tried super hard not to geek out in front of The Running Twins.  LOVE THEM!!
My Chip
My absolutely awesome brother-in-law who woke at the butt-crack of dawn to get me and sissy to the race. Thank you!!!
Me and my Sissy waiting for the honeybucket
Doesn't everyone run with their own personal paparazzi?!? Thanks T!
I am showing my girls a healthy mommy, a running mommy!
Hello My Precious!

I am still debating on whether to fork over the cash for the marathon pics but HOLY EXPENSIVE BATMAN!!  I kinda do want one of me crossing the finish line.  Undecided still....


  1. I never got used to that, when I was in Alaska during June (for just a week). My friend and I went for a bike ride and then stopped to rest at a park... then soon her dad comes looking for us, because it's almost 11pm and the sun looks like 7pm at home! CRAZY!!

  2. Big congrats on that sweeeeeeet looking medal...well earned!!!
    Shoulder tensing is always a problem for people. Try to lead with your hips when running, concentrating on that will just automatically relax that upper body! Plus, you'll breath more efficiently as well. Good luck!

  3. I just wanted to congratulate you on the Rock & Roll Half! That's awesome!

  4. I hate how expensive race photos are! I haven't bought any, but I might have to splurge for the 26.2! Thanks for linking my giveaway!