Thursday, April 29, 2010

I thought a bear was going to eat me!

The night shift caper has struck again!  I was super-duper tuckered today and felt like I couldn't keep my eyes open at all.  After I dropped the ladies off at school, I took a quick nap and then headed to my PT appointment about my left leg.  Long story short, I had strained my hip flexor causing my pirformis to spaz and then IT band tightness.  Left leg was a little weaker than the right. I was told everything I already knew but just needed a professional to scold me for.  Stretch, take it a bit easier for a few weeks, ice and CROSS TRAIN!  I capitalized that because I have not been cross-training at all.  He gave me some hip strengthening and stretching ideas and encouraged core work.  But best of all he said kudos for comming in early (before it got worse) and I didn't have to stop running.  YEAH!!!  Information duly noted and tonight went out for a light 4 mile run.

Like I said, tonight.  Not the best idea considering the bears are comming out right about now!  I really figured about half way through when the light was really going down, I'd run into this bad mamma-jamma

I didn't. But boy I sure thought I would!  Instead a mighty baby porcupine crossed my path 2 times and scared the bajeezus out of me!  Needless to say, outdoor running will be taking place durring the day from now on.

Ending on a happy note.  I finally went to the doctor the other day for my annual exam.  I have been a little forgetful and haven't had an annual in about 2 or 3 years. I know, pretty bad.  Well, I have been pretty curious about my cholesterol.  A few years back, I rememeber it being not so stellar.  I think it was 207 and then the next year it was 211.  All of my other numbers and ratios were great except that darn number.  Well, on my visit last week I had a fasting cholesterol panel and it came back 178!!! Wahoo! 

And I realized it's time for a new sports doc was doing my breast exam and asked (confused) if I had had a breast biopsy.  I looked down and realized all the chaffing had made it look like scars on the underside of my girls.  Not good.  I think it's time to make a purchase over at Kalyx 

Have a great night and happy running!


  1. Yikes! Real bears...that would definitely keep me on the treadmill. Good for you for getting out there!!!

  2. Congrats on the cholesterol number!
    I've been going through all my followers and getting to know some great blogs!
    Best of luck on your first marathon this June. I hope to do a full one next year, this year I have other things on my goal list!