Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A rockin' stitch in time....

In reference to the "stitch in time"...Holy side stitches Batman!  I seem to get them in the diaphragm area quite often.  I'm trying to focus on breathing and what not but still seem to get them.  Is there something else I should be doing for these bad mamma-jamma's?

In reference to the "rockin'" in the title, just made a new play list that is making me as giddy as a school girl.  I've been thinking I need to switch it around a little and change the style to keep my running fresh.  Drum roll please! 

Today I had three miles on the books.  Woke up to lots of rain, instantly wasn't feeling it.  I had about 4.5 hours of sleep from night shift and was looking for all the excuses in the world to not run.  I ended up sitting in my running clothes, sipping on my coffee, telling myself I didn't have time to run because the ladies would be home any second. 
My ma called and said she could pick up kid #1.  Score!  I dropped off kid #2 at dance practice and busted out a nice three miler.  For the run that almost wasn't, I ran all three miles in the 10's.  Huh?  Let me say that again for posterity's sake....I RAN ALL THREE MILES IN THE 10's!!!  Who is this billy bad @$$?!?  Me, that's who!

I don't know if you know this but, I'm kind of a big deal.

After I ran, I promptly fell on the floor at my gram's and the dog tried to revive me in all my schweaty glory.

I know I sound pretty silly being so jazzed and excited about 10+ min miles but ya know, I worked pretty darn hard to get to this point and by gosh by golly I'm proud of myself.  I can't wait to spank my half marathon time in June!

All right, enough fun, off to work some night shift action


  1. Congrats Brandi on getting out there and getting it done! I'm sure you felt way better than if you had decided to stay off the roads...

  2. Hey congrats :)

    *just found your blog via bloglovin'- <3 it*

  3. Way to go! I know it's tough to get the energy to run when you have kids. But you did it...with enough energy to go to work. Looking forward to your June HM recap.