Saturday, June 20, 2009

I think I love running!

Here I am super red faced after running....I write this nonchalantly like I just went for a job but truth be told, I RAN FOR 20 MIN STRAIGHT!!! I'm shouting this out to the world, I ran that long. Never ever in my life have I ever ran that long. I realize it may seem like nothing to a lot of people but this was absolutely amazing for me. I finished week 5! I completed something that I had doubted myself so much for. I went into this run thinking, I'll have to walk, I know it. I was so worried about dissapointing my sister and myself if I couldn't do it. Well, I just got on there and started running. And kept running. When I heard that ding saying I was half way through, I almost started crying and had to fight back the sniffles. I have never been so proud of myself. I think I love running. It was just me against myself. I want to thank my sister though, I kept hearing her pushing me in my head. This has renewed my belief in myself and my commitment to getting healthy, losing this weight that has been holding me back and I have been hiding behind. I am the shit. I am the running shit!

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