Saturday, March 6, 2010

Another week bites the dust!

Good luck to all Disney Princesses running this weekend!
I have to start out appologizing for being MIA for a couple days.  I probably should've been writing instead of trying to work things out in my head by myself.  Actually, I lie about being by myself.  I've let my sissy in on my issues.  First off, HOLY HUNGRY!  This is the first week I've had where I have been monstrously hungry!  I'm documenting every bite that I take and have had to struggle with things not looking perfect.  I know, I know, "It's about the process not the perfection"  This kills the Virgo in me!  Now no one who knows me would ever call me a perfectionist but I do have some of the behaviors.  I get really down  on myself if it's not perfect.  So every day from Wednesday to Friday, this was me
Me sooo huuunnnngggrrryyyy!

It's all relative though.  I've looked at my past weightloss numbers and realized that for two weeks in a row I've lost 3.7 pounds each time.  Now I have to let you know that I wasn't eating terrible, I was just eating a lot more.  Holy moly! What's up with the pretzels and their siren song?  And peanut butter?!?  Well, no more dwelling on the past.  Just had to get that out there.

Add to my weird week, I also have insomnia at times and it happens day or night.  I mentioned it earlier but I work shift work, 3 nights at 12 hours a pop, Sunday night through Monday night.  Let's just say that on Wednesday after eating that extra taco and 2 chocolate covered nut somethings, I was STUFFED and TIRED.  I slept over 13 hours.  At times like these, I thank the Lord that my kids are older and somewhat independant.  I wouldn't have been so dissapointed in myself had I not wasted the day on top of that and NOT RUN!  So my week was running on Monday, Thursday, Friday and Today.  And sadly, it's all inside on the dreadmill.  It's practically huricane conditions here!  I'm totally overexagerating of course but it sure feels like it.  The rain/snow/wind doesn't leave for the best conditions out there. So today is 5 miles on the treadmill.  I can do it. I just need to harvest the power of positive thinking.
On the postive note, I did so much better on my 4 mile run and then again on my 3 mile run.  That's not to say that the 4 mile run was in any way enjoyable!  HA!  It was like pulling teeth!  My 3 mile run rocked my socks off.  I stayed consistent at a higher speed and felt really good.  This random lady next to me started running and I focused on pacing with her.  I think I shaved off 2 minutes + from my total time.  I kinda felt like a runner yesterday!

So week in review: Problems and Solutions

  • Still no cross-training!  AARRGGHH!  I've made up a few different scenarioes with different forms of cross training and how to incorporate them.  Next week will be a bit off, my little sis is comming to visist me for a couple days.  Never fear, I WILL be running.

  • Overeating/Hunger  I will admit that a couple times I really could've paused and let the mania pass.  I shall try to incorporate the drinking water and waiting 20 minutes.  Plus I will be looking for those low cal/ high volume foods that will fill me up.  Kinda like my oatmeal, which I should be making more of!  Delish! If I do snack, the snack item in question needs to consist of a fruit or veggie with some form of protien or fat.

  • wasn't really a problem.  I just need to get it in and get it done.  No lolly-gagging around.  I have 6 hours in which the girls are in school.  After they are done, it gets harder for me to run.  And suck it up!  So what if I have to train on the treadmill at times.  A friend of mine trained for ultras in Chile and France and had to do a majority of her running on the treadmill.  That being said, I really, really, really like running outside!

I know a lot of people read Jack Sh*t's blog but today was a pretty funny post.  Click here to read it.  He is too darn funny and puts an interesting spin on weightloss.

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  1. Hmmm, the Virgo perfectionism... I am all about that too! Need to be waay easier on myself!
    Oh and maybe your body is trying to tell you something. If you are physically hungry, eat!
    Great post!