Monday, March 1, 2010

This Afternoon...Rain...windy. Highs around 43. East wind 20 to 30 mph with gusts to around 45 mph.

Hence, why I did not run outside today.  I was so bummed, I woke up to sunshine...or at least a little bit of it and just figured that I'd get my outside run. (back story, it was BLUSTERY today ala Winnie the Pooh when I got off work this morning at 7 a.m.)  Well, I opened the curtains and although indeed it was a bit sunny, there was some rockin' winds!
So I hopped on over to my gym and got on that treadmill.  I swear, after outside runs, I really am begining to understand why it has been dubbed the dreadmill!  Ran 3 miles and cut down on my time a little.  Overall, body felt great and I am still in love with running.  It has helped me loose, along with clean eating, 17 some odd pounds since Dec 30, 2009.  I've lost 2 inches on ma belly, waist, thighs!  And don't get me started on my thighs and calves....they are getting to be pretty darn awesome looking if I do say so myself!
Well, work calls so I have to keep this short.  Have a great night.  Hopefully tomorrow will be a report of some awesome cross-training!
A rainbow right outside my gym!


  1. I hate the wind. I can see why you chose to run on the treadmill. Hopefully you'll have better weather and can get back outside.

  2. Great job!! I hate the dreadmill too after being able to be out on the trails. BUT we gotta do what we gotta do right! And it's awesome that you've been able to shed 17 pounds and 2 inches...I'll be following you on your journey; You're a great inspiration!

  3. New to your blog - good luck with your marathon training! I'm hoping to make it up to Seattle for the 1/2!
    P.S. Alaska is beautiful, went up there about 10 years ago for a week and still say it's the most beautiful country. :)