Thursday, February 25, 2010

It was pretty bad....

Yesterday's run that is!  I knew I was due for a run where I just wasn't feelin' it, I just didn't realize it would be that bad!  It was weird but but was super pumped to run that day and felt I could whip it good - Devo style.  I was set to run 4 miles on the same route of my first outdoor run.  I don't know if it was the 4 mile number that got to me and planted that seed of doubt or the fact that it was raining and cold or that just as I was leaving I noticed that my garmin battery was low and would probably die on my or that I had an hour to run (one of my little ladies gets off the bus and we have to go pick up the other one)  So, with all of these doubts planted in my head, how could it not have been a yucky run?!?  I started off the run and instantly it felt like I was running on sand and then I became obsessed with how slow I  felt was going.  I tried to relax but just kept feeling tense.  The rain and cold were starting to get to me and I had to walk in a couple spots.  Next thing you know, my left lateral quad was hurting, my shins were killing me and my calves weren't liking me at the momment either!  And what do you know, my garmin died!  I pretty much gave up and walked the rest of the way.  I was defeated......and COLD and TIRED.
After that craptastic run, I called my bestie, my sis, my running partner in crime.  I love throwing ideas off of her and I love how she'll listen to me whine and then in the next breath give me some tough love.  She's my inspiration for all of this so I figure I'd better listen to her!  I did remember though from reading on of John Bingham's books that there is something to be learned from all runs, even craptastic ones.  What I have learned, I'm still not sure but I think it's this???
  • Charge the garmin before runs
  • Get a better stretching plan
  • It's okay to run inside on the treadmill durring a SE Alaska winter day even though there is hardly any snow and nothing but RAIN
  • Stop being obbessed with times!  I'm not there yet. I have one goal and that is to finish the marathon.
So all that behind me, I had a much better day today.  I ran inside on the treadmill where it was nice and warm not 30 something outside.  My shins were still a little sore but my left thigh felt fine.  I busted out 3 miles and was feeling like my head was back in the game.  Although me being me, I'm planning on getting back to that trail on Saturday to bring back that lovin' feelin'!
Tomorrow is a cross training day....hmmmm.....I think weights are just what the doctor ordered!


  1. Sorry about the run! Sometimes that just happens. Good job staying focused on the "the goal" ... finishing is what is most important. I've learned that with a marathon, especially your first, it's better to enjoy it and finish than push yourself to hard in the training/race and hate it in the end. Good luck!

  2. Crappy runs are bound to happen every now and then but usually there is a good run after that :)

    It's hard to not be obsessed with time and pace when you have a Garmin. I discovered that as soon as I got mine.

    Definitely find a good stretching plan. Stetching is a MUST to prevent injuries.

  3. Thanks for the support. My good run came and I've really been trying to focus on running itself and my enjoyment of it vs. 26.2. Thanks again!