Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Let's kick it up a notch!

Monday's running adventure included a new trail.....

Wish I  had better pics to share but I haven't quite figued out how to run, chew gum, paint my nails and take a picture at the same time.  First time running on it.  Can't say that I was dissapointed.  It's a gravel trail around a lake in a beautiful wooded area.  It was a crisp fall day and....no rain!!!  No rain?!?  Living in a rainforest kinda makes me excited when the rain lets up!  Long story short, it was a great trail.

Now onto my run.  I decided I was holding myself back last week.  I started out on the Couch to 5K program, week one.  I was feeling great and I think it was the best intro to slide back into running.  I'd finish each run feeling like I could've went longer at each running interval.  I don't want to get too wild right out of the gate but I also don't want to "do nothing" either.  I say do nothing lightly because I remember when I thought I was going to die on the treadmill at the gym last November/December and there may be others out there who are just begining their running journey and certainly won't feel like they are "doing nothing".  What I'm saying is, I think I can kick it up a notch.  In fact that's what I did, if not just a bit, on Monday's run.  I jumped forward to week 3 and listened to that for my walk/run.  I ended up seeing some pals on the trail walking the dog and their most handsome baby boy (pic would've been nice...like I said above....) I paused the garmin but my iPhone was in my pocket and the music and program were still going.  I missed some walk run ques and figured just start running.  So I ran the three minutes it told me, then still feeling good I did another 3.  Let's just get crazy now, I went for another 2 minutes without stopping.  Then some walk/run on my own with some good tunes and back home to get ready for the night shift.

This ended up being a great run for many reasons
  1. I tried a new trail.
  2. Found out I kinda liked running on a trail....almost as much as pavement....okay, that's pushing it but I did really like it.
  3. I'm at a different starting point than I had previously thought
  4. I pushed myself and had a heckuva good time doing it.
  5. Seeing the respect and happiness in my friends eyes as they see me rocking the run.
All that said...I am going to start the Gateway to 8K tomorrow which will be 5 min warm up alternating 7 min run with 1 min walk x 4 then 5 min cool down.

 I'm feeling pretty jazzed and all this jazziness has led me to ask a collegue of mine for an interview for my blog.  She is a new runner who says I inspired her to run but she is way more inspiring to me especially after my unplanned hiatus.  Stay tuned!

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