Thursday, October 7, 2010

emotional silence

Yeah, that silence came from my iPhone app that pooped out on me 1/4 into my run.  I did my warm-up for the 8K program and then started to run.  I was back on my usual trail that I'm begining to know like the back of my hand, rockin' out to my tunes after hearing "the voice" telling me to run.  Things are going great, I feel great and then nothing.  Silence.  This wouldn't be too bad of a problem except my phone was in my spibelt and it was facing the back.  I also had my handy dandy hand holder thingy water bottle in my hand and to top it all off, I had gloves on.  As my nephew would tell me, whaa whaa.  Had to walk to figure things out with the app, pressed play and continued to run.  Couple minutes in, silence. No more "voice" telling me when to walk or run.  Some panic set in.  How am I going to do this run?  Well the all or nothing Brandi decided to wing it and not let myself be upset.  I figured I'd run the 4 miles.

First 1.5 were okay.  Legs felt great, I felt great.  More running, less walking.  Somewhere after that I crumbled.  Piriformis tightened and not too shortly after the good 'ol IT tightened.  Lots of stretch breaks were added.  I ended up seeing these two exceptionally fit runner, on right after the other and  there I was, walking...wearing running clothes.  I could just feel their judgement....I'm kidding, I'm not that neurotic....okay, maybe just a little!  I started to doubt myself.  I don't have a definitive plan yet.  I'm still trying to find out where I fit in!  Dang iPhone app!!  How could you just poop out on me like that!!  So long story short, I went from feeling super awesome to super craptastic in 2 seconds flat.

But you know what?  I love it.  I love that running can do that to me.  I love feeling the complete emotional spectrum.  You have to be "present" in your runs.  You can't hide from yourself. 

On that note, I'm going to try the app again Friday a.m.  I really believe that that 8K training is where I should be at.  It's back to the drawing board for my plan to the marathon! 

I know I'm jumping around here but, I just watched Nova's Marathon Challenge.  It renewed my spririts.
Click here for the link.

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