Friday, October 1, 2010

Was that all they ever heard from her?????

The ladies, goofing around

Summer Camping - Alaska Style

Summer with my Sis

Summer in Juneau

Gotta catch up on Google Reader, even in paradise!!

So that was my summer in a nutshell.  Went camping with my big bro, hung out with my sissy and her son here in Juneau, and then made a little trip to Hawaii with the fam.  So the burning question is.....was there any running after my half marathon?  I think what bothers me the most is that I was feeling to lowly to show back up to my own blog!  When I did it was to update a race that I had signed up for but didn't come to fruition in the form of training and motivation.....uhhh need I say that I have a position for the Portland Marathon 10/10/10. The fact that I couldn't get my junk together really bummed me and my non running self out. 

I think I even let it psych me out to the point where I just overate and chose inactivity.  Why?!?  When I knew running was the bomb-digity?  Well, no more.  I am back at it, albeit I'm starting at the begining.  I'm restarting C25K from the very begining.  Yeah, I could push myself harder and run a lot longer but, this ain't my first rodeo.  I want to suceed in my marathon goal.  I don't want to make the same mistakes I made the first time.  I'm starting fresh and I have less than 39 weeks until Seattle Rock N Roll Marathon.  I really wanted/want that to be my first marathon.  I really like the RNR races and it's in the city I love.  Plus I signed up early so I only payed $65! 

So, here I am at the begining. Again.

                                                            Don't forget to STRETCH!!!

My little racing buddy.  She came along on my 2nd run for the week and I have to say, made it really fun.  She pushes me and laughs with me.  What a great running buddy!

So here's my plan:
  • Week 1 - 9: Couch to 5K, Abs 3x's per week following this plan and some much needed strength/cross training.  I've been taking classes at my gym like spinning and group power.  Lovin' it and feel that I'm building my running base that  I neglected to build before.  This will include 3 days of running and 3 days of cross training.
  • Weeks 10 - 21: Hal Higdon's beginner 1/2 marathon training.  It's includes 3-4 days of running and 3-4 days of cross training. Abs will still be focused on and taking time to s - t - r - e - t - c - h.
  • Weeks 22 - 39:  The Holy Grail of my Training...Marathon time!  I've decided to follow Hal Higdon's beginner Marathon training program.  Once again, abs and cross-training not to be forgotten this time.
So that's it.  There's my plan of attack.  I'm wiser than I was last year.  I think know I have what it takes to be successful at this.

 I'd like to invite you all along as I travel the long road to becoming a marathoner.  Sit back and relax...grab a cup 'o joe and follow the antics of this one bad mother runner!


  1. First of all, I love your blog. Second of all, you are not alone in the world of being a momma getting back into it...again! Haha, I will keep following you and you can keep following me. If it means anything to you, because of you and reading about all the other jogging-blogging-mommas I am this-close to comitting to a marathon myself...still don't know if I believe I can do it, but wanted to let you know you CAN! Looking forward to keeping up with your journey!

  2. Oh Hawaii, how I love you! Good luck with the new training!!