Thursday, October 14, 2010

Ironman, I am not

I think I was having visions of grandeur.  I had a little pep in my step yesterday and was getting things crossed off my to do list.  I promised myself last week I would follow through with my cross training and abs.  Tuesday, I barely got my abs in but I did do them.  So Wednesday comes and, like I said I was highly motivated, I decided to go to a one hour spin class at my gym. [love love love spin class] That was from noon to one.  I got home and new I needed to get my run in before the ladies got out of school, otherwise it might not get done due to dinner having to be made, a quick grocery run, dance practice for Miss J and a mandatory vegan baking fest for me.  I almost didn't run because in between all that, I needed to eat!  Green monster down and out I went.

Mistake number two.  I really didn't want to run right after having eaten but I figured I had get out there.  Hello side cramps!!  Let's head back to mistake number one, not allotting my self enough time.  I was down to the wire.  I had only 45 minutes to get a 42 min run in.  That had to include the driving time back to the house.  High five to myself, I got it done and met Miss R right after she had gotten off the bus.  That messed with my focus because I was worried about getting home on time.

Mistake number three, spin class then less than an hour later, run.  For some, this may be nothing but for this lady, legs felt like I was running through sand!  All of my lower body was feeling it.  I was wanting to quit the whole time. Enter the self talk.  I knew a yucky run was inevitable, I had been having way too many good ones.  I kept thinking, I hate running!!! success is hanging on when you want to let go.  I had to analyze what I was doing/did wrong and what I could learn from it.  See mistakes one through three. 
  • Don't eat so close to running
  • Run before spin class or other classes
  • Make enough time for a run so I don't have worries about being somewhere.  I can just focus on the run.
  • Most importanly....Schedule/plan better!
Lessons learned.  This is the life of a running, working, full-time mom. 


  1. She's baaaaack! Hey, lady! I started following you in August, then you went MIA, then I went MIA, and I missed your return. Haha, it looks like you learned some good lessons yesterday. That spin class sounds intense. Good for you for finishing your post-spinning run!

    What do you put in your green monsters?

    The 'special' running workouts (hills, tempo, etc.) sound intimidating, but they are a lot of fun! It's a great way to mix things up.

  2. schedule/plan/schedule/plan

    I feel ya! If its not planned, it doesnt happen here :)