Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I saw this and just had to share!  teee heee heee

I realized that I hadn't done a check in for my run on Monday.  It was magical.  Momma got her groove back in a major way.  Like I said last week I went with the first week of the 8k training plan.  That one minute walking break is perfect, I feel like I get that break/refreshed feeling I need to keep going.  Very happy with my choice. 

The sad part was, I almost talked myself out of running.  It's the same "good vs. evil" debate that goes on, I think?, in everyone's head when it comes to waking early to work out.  My warm comfy Ikea down comforters were a sirens call to my weary night shift soul.  The only thing that got me going though was, NO RAIN??!!!!  Like I said before, Southeast Alaska is a rainforest.  When I say rainforest, I mean RAINforest.  I had a short window of opportunity to run before work and I took it. 

It. Was. Worth. It.

I've noticed I'm getting my sea-legs back. 

Each run is getting me back to where I was before my hiatus.  My garmin, Forrest and I are in a love/love relationship right now.  I know, I know, the honeymoon will soon end. I'm just happy to be back. As for making the good choice by running on Monday vs Today?  It was a torrential down pour.  Power went out.  It was howling outside! Good times.

I'm going to do some abs before bed and try not to race to the fridge to devour the last two pieces of that pumpkin gingerbread.  Tomorrow is a spin class and my 2nd run for the week.  Night!


  1. I can't get over how you get to run in such a beautiful area!!! Great run!

  2. I've got that heybabies problem going on. But I blame it on the baby growing in my belly. She's packing the pounds on me EVERYWHERE. But it's worth it, right? :)