Tuesday, May 26, 2009

C25K Wk3 D3

Just checking in with Sunday's workout of the final day of week three. I had to juggle things around a bit due to the hectic schedule last week. In order to finish out the "week", I had to move my run to Sunday. I burned about 300 calories. I didn't have time for the elipitical because of work. I did feel pretty good on my run. I hate though that voice that comes into my brain about 1 minute into my 3 minute run. My brain instantly panics when I start on the longer runs and wants to quit instatnly, yelling, "I can't, I can't!" In order to finish the full three minutes, I did have to kick it down a notch to 4.6 - 4.8. I did feel pretty darn good afterwards though.
Mom is supposed to take the girls to a movie tonight so that will free up time for me to go to the gym and get Wk 4 Day 1 out of the way.

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