Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I got high....I think!

So, today was week 4 day 1 of the C25K program, I just stared at what they wanted me to do. Run 5 minutes...2 times! Are they on crack!? Here's how it looked, (after a 5 minute warm up) Jog 3 minutes, walk 90 seconds, jog 5 minutes,walk 2.5 minutes, jog 3 minutes, walk 90 seconds, jog 5 minutes then cool down for 5 minutes. I had a lot of reservations about being able to run for 5 minutes, could I do it? Lots of doubts ran in my mind but I am proud to say... I DID IT! The first 5 minutes I made myself not look at the timer. I had just done my first 3 minutes all right, I figured here's for hoping. I ran and ran and ran...finally I broke down and looked at the timer figuring I had another 2 minutes to go. No way, I had 20 seconds left! I almost started crying and the surge that came through me was pretty intense. I did it! AND, I even kicked it back up a notch to 5.0 to run the last 20 seconds. For two seconds I was in love with running!!! And then the seconds 5 minutes came around, no love flowing that time but I did run the whole time. You heard that right, I ran the whole time and didn't stop. I burned about 388 calories on this bad boy in 32 minutes. Right after I hopped on the eliptical for 20 minutes and burned 233 calories. Sure didn't want to do it but I do have to say that working out really helps with my anger/hatred issues. I just hop on a machine and work out my meaness.

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