Saturday, May 9, 2009

I worked out 5 x's this week!!!!!!!

Wahoo! I haven't been able to reach 5 workouts a week in a LONG time! Today's workout was Complete Body Sculpting and I burned 450 calories in 46 minutes. I really tried to push it today and got all of my leg presses in on a 14" step. Just trying to buff those legs up for some running next week. It looks like I'll be doing this two time:
  • run 90 sec
  • walk 90 sec
  • run 3 min
  • walk 3 min

I'm hoping I have the stamina for this! I've planned my workouts for the week as you can see on the side. I might try to add another w/o on the running days for Weds and Fri. Who knows! Can't promise anything but I will definitely bust out the planned workouts!

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